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Treatments & what to expect

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a primary health care system that takes an holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing. In TCM, physical symptoms, like a headache, indicate an imbalance or blockage in your energy, or qi. Through Hong Gu Acupuncture & Natural Therapies clinic, Hong works to restore balance to your body and mind with:

  • acupuncture
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • remedial massage
  • diet and lifestyle advice.

In this way, Hong offers a complete healing system that incorporates the dual modalities of Yin Yang and the Five Elements balance theory. While you can request a specific treatment, Hong is experienced at tailoring the right treatment program for your individual needs.


This depth of experience and Hong’s thorough approach, means she often works with patients whose conditions are difficult to diagnose or treat. This includes patients with, but not limited to:

  • musculoskeletal injuries
  • acute and chronic pain
  • digestive disorders
  • chronic fatigue
  • gynaecological issues
  • fertility issues (for men and women)
  • emotional imbalances
  • dermatological conditions
  • allergies and sinusitis
  • autoimmune imbalances
  • paediatric concerns
  • post viral syndrome
  • cancer treatment support.


The acupuncture Hong practices through Hong Gu Acupuncture & Natural Therapies clinic, dates back at least 2000 years and has been proven to be effective by the World Health Organisation for a wide range of conditions.

Acupuncture has been shown to:

  • bring drug-free pain relief
  • get to the cause of a wide range of acute and chronic ailments
  • help prevent disease and illness
  • promote the connection between body and mind
  • promote a general sense of wellbeing.

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Acupuncture is centred around your body’s qi, or life-force.

In other words, it helps the body correct imbalances in the digestion, absorption, production and circulation of energy through your body’s meridians – channels that flow like a river through your body to nourish your tissues. During a treatment, Hong inserts extremely fine, sterile needles into specific points along these meridians.

If these rivers are blocked, so too is your natural flow of energy. Your body becomes unbalanced, and this lack of balance manifests in physical and emotional symptoms. The classical Chinese explanation, tells us acupuncture clears these blockages, encourages the normal flow of qi and restores balance to your body’s systems.

Another explanation is that the needles stimulate the nervous system to release chemicals into your body to change your experience of pain, or help your body regulate itself. Either way, acupuncture can help you enjoy more energy, it can improve your biochemical balance, stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal and help you achieve emotional and physical wellbeing.

Not everyone likes the thought of needles. Pressure, heat or electrical stimulation is also sometimes used to enhance the effects of the treatment.

Hong uses a very gentle technique and the highest quality needles to ensure your comfort. She also uses other methods, such as Guasha cupping or heat, to limit needle use where necessary.


Remedial Massage

Massage is the oldest form of physical medicine known to man. Mention of massage has been found in Chinese medical manuscripts from as early as 400BC. Remedial massage doesn’t just reduce tension and stress, it can improve circulation, mobility and recovery time from injury.

Remedial massage can also form part of a treatment plan for emotional or mental health complaints. Hong sees massage as a diagnostic tool, as well as a treatment, and works with both the mechanical and reflex actions of the therapy.

The reflex action targets the nerve pathways, or flows of energy in your body. In this way, Hong may massage your arms to relieve a stomach complaint, or massage your lower back to ease leg pain.


Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Hong can help you get the most from your treatment with advice on changes to your diet and lifestyle. Often, just a few, simple changes to what you eat and how you live can have a major and lasting influence on the results of your treatment. This may mean a suggestion to try to get more sleep, to drink warm fluids and eat warm meals or dress warmly in cold weather.

Everyone is different, and the expert advice you receive at Hong Gu Acupuncture & Natural Therapies clinic will not be centred on one particular way of eating, or lifestyle approach.

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The time of year, your current situation, your level of exercise, your family history and many other individual factors, all play a role in your state of wellbeing.

Hong’s advice calls on age-old wisdom and the latest research into the way we should eat and how we should live our lives to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing.

What’s more, Hong knows that change can be hard and that sudden change can sometimes do more harm than good. She works with you to create positive changes in your diet and life at a pace that suits you and your condition.